Here I’m now, a banker..

Me as banker at Bank Mandiri PT


If you read my previous post which written last year, you may be surprised that now I’m a banker. In this photo, I’m at the right side, with my banker colleges. You know, last year I told you that I still messed up about my future job, but the choices are still chemical engineering related field. Never any idea passed in my head that I will end up as a banker. But, you should noted that I really wanted to be an entrepreneur, ones that have passive income, have my own farm and sugar yard.

In this six month thinking witch job is the most suit me to achieve my entrepreneur dream I decide to be a banker. The logic comes from this, I already planned my self to be an engineer in an oil & gas company but I figure it out that I will stuck there without a time to start my little enterprise while working. But another problem comes, If I didn’t work as an engineer with big earning salary, where I can get money to start my business. The idea struck me when a career fair is held in my campus. There are so many company that offering position in many field. One of them is bank.

After listening to others view about working in a bank and a few reading on internet, I make my head to take a job as a banker. As a banker, I can study business that already running, I can built relationship with those who have money but don’t know what to do, beside, I can start building my small enterprise while working and if the business need to expand, I already know where i should go.


A year later, Comes the time to write what’s matter on my life.

Right now, I’m sitting in front of my keyboard trying to find out  what is important for me to get my full attention in a few years later.

I’m a bachelor degree student enrolling study on chemical engineering department in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I just finished my seventh semester here, it means only six or seven months left for me before my graduation. I’m doing pretty good on my study I think, with an 80% GPA so far but those score would be less valued if compared to my class average score. Despite of that fact, I have my full confidence to run my life rock, sure.

With my current condition actually I’m open for some further option in my life. I could apply for some master degree scholarship even though some luck and more hard work is needed. I could apply for particular jobs as I’m a chemical engineer, I could end up in oil & gas company or other industry for sure. But, the most thing in the world that I really want is being an entrepreneur “owning” a hundred employees.

First about the reason why I badly want to be an entrepreneur. I did some simple business calculation recently and I found that to get rich is not that hard. For example, on that time I worked my pen on sugar cane farming. You know, just by buying some acre land, planting the sugar cane, employing some people and wait to the end of the year you can get pretty good money. And after that year, imagine that if you buy another acre land by mortgaging your farming and it goes year after year.

Then the reason why I cough up with continuing master degree study is I’ll need pretty big money to run the sugar can farming to reach it’s optimum size so that I could expand it every year.


about other thing and so much thing will be on air soon…